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How to: process registrations

When you receive a new registration, you will receive a copy of the customer’s registration confirmation email in your inbox as notification. You will also see a red marker next to “Registrations” in your dashboard when there are new registrations to review.

When you click to review a registration, you will see the student’s registration information on the left, and their classes on the right. Newly registered classes will be listed with a “Pending” status.

To accept the registration

Click on “Pending” and select “Accepted”.

To reject the registration

Click on “Pending” and select “Rejected”. This rejection only applies to this specific class. If the student is better suited for a different class, you can enroll them in a new class.

To enroll in a new class

Click on “Enroll” on the top right of the student’s profile and select the appropriate class.

💡 Tip: Note that this registration process does not generate an additional acceptance or rejection email! We recommend replying on the back of the original registration confirmation email to inform the customer if they’ve been accepted, rejected, or re-enrolled in a different class.

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