Easy class registration & student management

ClassKite - Simple Class Registration Software

Easily enroll and manage all your students

Simple class registration software designed to make life easy for small business owners

We are having a blast with ClassKite! It has made registration and keeping student information SO EASY. I LOVE IT.

Gymnastics program in Tiverton, ON

When we had to downsize our business due to COVID, we looked for a solution that was affordable and easy to manage. We switched to ClassKite and just love how easy it was to set up and how we are in total control of our student data.

Gymnastics program in Brooklyn, NY

This is putting us a step ahead of other programs in the area and is such an amazing product!

Gymnastics program in Goderich, ON

Registration form that parents love

Parents can find the exact class they need and sign up in less than three minutes

Enrollment that save admins time

Easily accept or transfer students in and out of classes with a single click

Peace of mind for owners

Control your own data and download your signed student waivers anytime

No technical skills needed

Get started in less than 24 hours without disrupting your existing systems

How much does it cost?


per month

✓ Unlimited classes

✓ Unlimited students and registrations

✓ Email and chat support

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