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How to: customize your registration form

You can customize your registration form to show specific information, ask specific questions, and require waivers. Click on “Pages” in your dashboard and select “Home” under Registration Form.

Registration Form

This is the title and description that is visible on your main registration page.

Student Information and Guardian Information

These sections include the standard student and guardian information usually collected on registrations. You can choose to make these questions optional or required.

Custom Questions

You can add any additional questions you want to collect answers for here. This is a good place to ask about leotard sizes, authorized pick up names, or extra care needs.

Waiver Information

You can add any waivers you want to include in this section. You can make acceptance of a waiver required to submit the registration. Note that the Media Waiver Information section is included by default; this waiver acceptance is visible in your Student list level so that it is easy to see which students have not accepted the media waiver.

Confirmation Message

This is a good place to let customers know what to expect next, or how to pay. 

The Confirmation Page Message is what customers see on your website immediately after submitting the registration form. 

The Confirmation Email Message is what customers will see on the registration confirmation email that they will receive. 

Next, learn how to add a custom page.

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