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How to: add a custom page

You can create as many custom pages as you want to share additional information with your customers. Great ideas for custom pages include pages for FAQs, Staff Bios, and About Us.

Click on “Pages” in your dashboard and select “Create Page”. Here, you can enter the page’s Title, URL, and description. You can make the page available for customers to view by switching the Visibility option, or hide it when it’s not yet ready for the public.

When you click “Create Page”, you’ll be taken to a blank page with just the title of the page. Click “Create Content” to start adding blocks to the page.

  • Text: You can select the size of your text, and enter your text here.
  • Image: You can upload an image here
  • Image + Text: This layout allows you to show both text and image on one row. You can select whether the image appears on the left, or the right.

Once you’re ready to share the page with customers, switch the page from “Hidden” to “Visible” in the top right corner.

Next, learn how to share your site with customers.

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