About Us

We get it. We run a children’s activity business too. And we hated all the class management options so much that we made our own. We worked hard to make ClassKite the online registration software that we would (and do!) use in our own business.

Every feature we build is designed with these principles in mind:

  • Easy for customers to use
  • Quick for owners and admins to setup and use without needing technical skills
  • Simple enough to learn that staff can figure out how to use it on their own
  • Reliable data that you own, always – download all your time-stamped records anytime
  • Flexible enough to adapt to constant changes, but organized enough that we can always find what we need
  • And most importantly, affordable!

Want to see what software is like when it’s built by the people who use it everyday? Click below to try it out for free!

ClassKite was started by Mina and Ventrice, two small business owners based out of Brooklyn, NY. Mina runs a children’s gymnastics program and Ventrice runs a software consultancy for small businesses.

Mina hired Ventrice in 2014 to help her find a class registration solution and the available options were so frustrating that they wound up building their own!