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Join a Virtual Gymnastics Training Course this Week or Weekend

Why attend an online conference?

I find that challenging times are the best time to renew and rejuvenate. We need a way to relieve the weight of these difficult circumstances and uncertainty. Now is time to connect with others and draw inspiration.

So while our gyms are on pause, let us take the time to network with people in our industry. Let’s learn something new from our colleagues and industry experts. Get an innovative perspective on what other gyms are doing well. That way you can take home the best ideas and inspirational thoughts that will benefit your program for the upcoming season.

Instead of work, think of it as a mini-vacation or retreat. Bring out the popcorn and pour yourself a cool glass of lemonade or maybe some hot chocolate. Maybe hook your computer to the T.V. so you can watch it on the big screen. Get comfortable on your sofa and tune in.

Online Gymnastics Teacher Training (April 30, 2020)

Are you free this upcoming Thursday?  Spend the day immersed in leadership training, customer retention strategies and ways to revamp your program.

This retreat has a mix of courses for your coaches as well as training for administrators and managers. Coaching expertise, classroom management, and leadership skills are some of the key ideas that will be emphasized.

Here is the list of their courses and the links to register

This conference is put on by Preschool Gymnastics Coaching. Click on this link to sign up for their email list. 

Gymnastics Coaching Summit (May 2, 2020)

Learn from some of the key movers and shakers in our industry in this unique summit that was created to help those in need during this difficult time. Improve your program and help others with your participation.

Experts will address critical points regarding coaching techniques, sport psychology, nutrition and sports culture. Notable speakers attending will share their expertise on how to successfully run a gymnastics program, for all ages and levels.Take the chance to be a part of this unique opportunity.

The Gymnastics Coaching Summit is brought to you by Shift Movement Science and will be live streaming from SHIFT’s YouTube and Facebook Page from 10am-8pm.

Learn more about the Gymnastics Coaching Summit Here

Preschool Power Up (May 6-8, 2020)

If you’ve been struggling with how to get coaches on the right track — or simply want to use your preschool program to grow the gym, you’ll want to pay close attention to this special offer.

Preschool Power Up shows you the exact formula for building a strong program foundation, the proper way to create lesson plans without all the extra effort, and the appropriate way to train every coach in your gym — giving you the fuel to elevate your program and grow with intention.

This is not a conference. However, it is an amazing opportunity for gym owners and directors ready to take their preschool program to the next level. Special late membership period is open for enrollment May 6-8, then closes again until late 2020. 

Click on this link to learn more or sign up for the Preschool Power Up

Virtual Summit for Preschool & Rec Coaches Recordings (ongoing)

Are you having trouble retaining students? Do your coaches need a refresher on how to keep their classes dynamic and engaging? The Virtual Summit is for Preschool and Recreational coaches who want their gymnastics schools to keep on thriving. Learn how to improve your business and your coaching skill set.

This virtual summit by Rec Gym Pros already passed. However, you can access all the recordings. The recordings are free to watch until Thursday, April 30th. However, you can also purchase the courses and keep them forever!

Click on this link to access the Preschool &  Rec Gymnastics Recordings.

USAG Virtual Course Offerings (ongoing)

Does your gymnastics program need an extra oomph? USAG has ongoing virtual courses available. They are offering some unique courses, during this time, that are normally not available.

Coming up this week there is a virtual Managers and Directors Training. This course will take place over April 29-30 and is led by Annette Thomas and Robyn Pearson. The course is designed for supervisors desiring to be more than managers, but leaders. Click Here to Register

USAG is constantly updating its virtual course offerings with new classes that they usually don’t offer so be sure to check out their page periodically.

Click on this link to learn more about the USAG Virtual Courses


Why are these summits worth your time? Because education is an investment in yourself and in your business. Every person and every business have room to grow. That is especially true at a time like this, when we are facing these enormous challenges that are difficult to resolve.

Also, these conferences are an opportunity for a change of pace, to be inspired and learn something new. And hopefully make quarantine just a little more bearable.

If you do attend one of these events, please let us know how it worked out for you!

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