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How to Reduce COVID19 Stress & Improve Safety

There are many considerations when it comes to updating our health and safety measures in the context of COVID-19.

Here are some of the key factors to consider:

  1. Updating safety requirements for staff, parents, and students
  2. Updating cleaning requirements
  3. Updating waivers to reduce COVID19 liability

We went through a multi-step process to revise our safety measures. Since every program and city/state has different requirements, we’re not sure if all our updates will be applicable. However, to help you save time, we wanted to share with you the templates and posters we created. Feel free to edit as needed.

Curious how we did it? The first step is to create a policy.

Create a COVID19 safety policy for staff, students & parents.

This policy should contain rules and expectations that are clear to the parents and everyone on your staff. Think about what’s ultimately best for the kids and your program.

Some things to consider:

  • Do your parents need to stay off the floor during class? Or out of the room completely?
  • Are masks required at all times? Only for adults? Only when indoors or when six feet distance cannot be maintained?

Brainstorm policy ideas with your team. Have a conversation about everyone comfort level. Consider the things that you need to convey to the parents and how to best present those issues.

Create a sign for the policy and make sure it’s well worded.

Use a platform like Canva or Microsoft Word to create a visually appealing sign that contains the policy. Use language that parents easily understand.

Be sure to break up main points into bullets that are easy to read, skim, and retain. Language should be fun and appealing. Bold important words, use color, and graphics.

Instead of presenting the sign as “rules to follow”. Connect on the common ground of keeping everyone safe. It’s all about setting up the best foundation possible to keep classes running.

Put the sign somewhere parents can see it.

Don’t just put it by the gym door where they are running in and out.

Consider places where parents are often congregating either before or after class. The most important things are that it’s clearly visible and easy to read.

Be sure to also share it with your community online: your website, social media, and in email newsletters. Also, include the new policy in your welcome packet for parents when they first sign up.

Practice the expectations every day.

You can’t just post up a sign and expect that it’s going to be effective. You need to make sure that everyone is aware that this is a new policy and implement it on a day to day basis.

Share it with your staff, and role-play how to discuss it with parents. If issues come up, you or the coach needs to say something.

Make the policy appeal to the parents.

Consider what appeals most to parents: their children. So make sure that the policy, it’s enforcement, and the distribution is all about their child.

At every step of the way, show the parents how these guidelines are set to give their children the best and safest experience possible.

By using this opportunity to show parents how important their children’s safety is to you. This will ultimately lead them to keep enrolling in classes and making referrals to their friends.

This is the sign that we made for our classroom. Click on the link below to download your own copy. Feel welcome to edit the poster to suit your needs!

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Stay tuned to learn more about our COVID19 cleaning protocols and new liability waivers. We will be posting those templates shortly. Please email if you need a COVID19 waiver template right away.

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