Candlesticks to Build Your Core

Skill of the week is a little section about introducing at-home exercises for your athlete. At our gym we do a skill of the week every week with our recreational classes so we can introduce fitness in a fun way also so that we can take the time to breakdown the technique for conditioning exercises in class.

For the first week of classes, I like to start with the candlestick. Candlesticks (or shoulder stands) are a basic position that a lot of students find fun to do because it simulates a handstand. It’s a great skill to teach body awareness and staying tight especially because the student can modify the skill to their level easily – either by supporting their back or by lifting up higher or lower. Most importantly, candlesticks strengthen core muscles and our little athletes are going to need those strong abs all season long. That strong core will even improve their posture!


A fun game to end class with is partner candlesticks. Both students hold hands while laying down in a straight body position. Then they both simultaneously lift their hips and switch their legs to the opposite side. They will need to do a candlestick in order to make it to the other side. If you play the game in class encourage your students to practice it with their siblings and friends!

Here is the full skill of the week handout sheet that we give out to the students. It includes some additional warmup exercises.

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