Get Your Own Cartwheel Monster Stickers


Cartwheels are hard! Our preschool students kept putting their hands on the mat and doing a jump over it. So we created a visual to teach them how to move sideways: we drew eyeballs on the mat! We tell our students, “Close the alligator’s eyes and make sure he can’t see you! Then take a big jump over his back so your toes don’t touch his teeth!” Ever since we introduced our cartwheel-a-gator, cartwheels have been fun and easy!

We printed out a bunch of high quality vinyl stickers so that all our friends can learn sideways movement with their own cartwheel monsters too!

Cartwheel Monster Stickers (Set of 2)

Each package includes:

  • One pair of brown eyes
  • One pair of blue eyes
  • Two noses
  • Two wide mouths

$25 (+ $5 shipping)

Our stickers are designed to perfectly fit the Mancino Cartwheel-inator, but will work great with most mats! Check out our cartwheel monsters hanging out on different mats in gyms all over!

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